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Victorian Maiden A Japanese site that sells elegant Victorian clothing in the popular lolita styles.
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Another Japanese site selling lolita clothing.  The clothes here are very much like cute dolls' clothes.
metamorphose temps de fille Also a Japanese site selling lolita clothes.  The ones here are differently styled than other boutiques.
Angelic Pretty A Japanese site selling very cute lolita clothing.  The styles here are much like Baby's clothing.
Queen's Free World A site that offers free web materials and is excellent if you know enough Japanese to navigate.
NyaroNyron Another Japanese site offering free web materials.  I used the Alice In Wonderland icons and backgrounds from this site for the present layout.
Pierrot Official Homepage The official website of my all time favourite Japanese band: PIERROT! <3
Aurora A really good site to find downloadable JRock videos- the contents vary every couple of weeks.
centigrade-j A wonderful site for translations to many JRock bands' songs.
CDJapan A great place to head for all your Japanese music needs.  The prices are a little high, but the excellent service makes it worth every last penny. 
Pierrot HQ The best PIERROT fan site out there on the Internet.
Newgrounds A Flash animation that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Flash.
Homestar Runner Another Flash site that has the popular Strongbad e-mail.
Carrots & Cheese An on-line male/male comic that has some roots in the furry genre.
Jem Unlimited! The best site on the Internet about the 80's cartoon, Jem.


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