--acting out in japan--

Okay, I must be very lucky to have gotten this magazine.  The other day my Mom came home from work with a mag that one of her co-workers Dom had given her to give to me.  And to my utter joy, and surprise, it had an article on, basicly, cosplay.  I was so happy that I wanted to share some of the wonderful pictures that were featured in the magazine.  The whole point of the short article is that Japanese ppl put on different personas to socialize with one another.  But there's really no real mention of cosplay.

'acting out in japan'
(taken from CIVILIZATION; October/ November 2000)

(Photos by: Chris Steele-Perkins/ Magnum)

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All pictures were scanned by myself, Star-chan.
You take them at all, without asking, and I'll find you.
And, yes, I WILL find you.