In case someone else that's NOT my friend Lissa finds this, don't look at this.  You maybe be offended or
scarred for life because of: a) my crappy art work or b) the content of the picture found below.  And, even
if you do look at it, you probably won't understand what's going on.  So, don't bother looking an harrassing
me about anything that you don't like.  As for Lissa, she can enjoy~ ^___^

Star-chan:  *points and stands proudly*  See, told you I'd do it.
Haido:  *shooting Star-chan glares*
Star-chan:  Oh, yes, and you can tell that Haido is quite upset with me.  He should be happy, he is about to be molested. *grins*
Haido:  *eyes widen and starts trying to untie ropes that hold his hands*
Star-chan:  Oh, ho ho ... I hope Haido knows that I made sure to double tie those knots.  Hee hee~
Haido:  *still trying but muttering death treats*
Star-chan:  Haido probably wants to say the bed looks shitty.  *looks at Haido*
Haido:  *thinks*  Actually, no ...
Star-chan:  *thinks back*  You know, I CAN hear your thoughts.
Haido:  *thinking* Shit ...
Star-chan:  Anyway, back to the crappy bed fact.  I couldn't go on-line because my Dad was on.  My original plan was to do it the Japanese way and find a real photo of a bed and stick Haido on it.  BUT, since my Dad had the line, I had to draw one on the compy.  Yay me and my crappy skills~  But, hey, it resembles a bed.  ^_^;
Haido:  *still trying to untie ropes*
Star-chan:  Now onto the fact that Haido is only half dressed.  Only a sailor shirt, loose socks, undies and shoes.  Who could do this to Haido? 
Haido: *thinking*  You, bitch.
Star-chan:  Now be nice.  Let's not resort to any name-calling.  But, poor Haido must like having his arms tied behind is back, duck tape across his mouth: he's got an uke blush!
Haido:  *thinking* Do not!
Star-chan:  Do too!
Haido:  *thinking* Do not!
Star-chan:  Do too!  Do too!  Do too!  Now that's that.  Now, let's make a choice at who's gonna molest Haido and f**k his little butt ... or, let's just make an excuse for me to mock something ... ^_^;;;

Part I

A Haido is caught dressed in a sailor fuku, tied with his hands behind his back, and then made half-naked - After reading the following poem by Anony Mous, answer the questions below. 

Oh this little boy that I love so much:
He looks so young:
Cheeks of peach, innocent brown eyes,
Beautiful smile.
He is so young and yummy,
Perhaps I should dress him in fuku
And press him on his tummy.
I contemplate this day and night
While in my bathroom - alone:
Thoughts of his little face all contorted,
His voice rough as he moans.
Oh little boy whom I love so much,
Or should say I'd love to fuck so much,
Come fuku clad and what fun we'll have
As I'll screw you in my room.

(1)  Who is the possible speaker?
a.  Hyde
b.  Sakura
c.  Lissa
d.  A 70 yr. old perv~

(2)  What is the feel of the poem from beginning to end?
a.  Love to Hate
b.  Adoration to Seduction
c.  Hungry to thirsty
d.  Nothing to nothing really important

(3)  Why does the speaker call the male a 'little boy'?
a.  He is young
b.  The speaker is a pedophile
c.  He looks young
d.  The speaker is a 70 yr. old perv~ ^_^;

(4)  "While in my bathroom - alone" (line 9) refers to what?
a.  Taking a pee
b.  Masturbation
c.  Sitting in a bathtub and thinking
d.  Sleeping in one's bathroom

(5)  From lines 13 - 15, "Or should say ... in my room.", the speaker's intent is seen as:
a.  Just want to be friends
b.  I'm lonely, hold me
c.  Meow, I'm the Lissa Cat
d.  Let's screw!  *makes hip thrusting motions*

Haido:  *thinking*  Okay, will you stop quizzing poor Lissa and that hip thrusting thing is bothering me ...
Star-chan:  Awww, you're no fun ...