[Na, Sakuchan.]
[Why did Star-chan draw this picture?]
[Because she wanted to draw you in a wedding dress.]
[But, that still doesn't answer my question.]
[Let's just say Star-chan's crazy and leave it at that.]
[I agree but still ...]
[More over, why is your dress blue?  Aren't wedding dresses white?]
[Maybe it's so I can ... er ... see it? ^_^;]
[Yeah, that and white's for virgins.  *snickers*]
[Ow!  What was that for? *rubs head*]
[Oh ... nothing, Sakuchan. ^_~  Maybe we should bring up the fact that you've got the world's dorkiest grin.  *stifles laughter*]
[*glares*  It's not dorky, it's endearing. *nods sagely*]

[No, no no, Sakuchan!  Only Lissa nods sagely.  Bad bad Sakuchan!]

[Oh?  Do I get punished?]

[*Woobam!* Perv~]

[Owchies ...  Okay, okay ... um ... she drew you really cute.]

[How could she not with such great subject matter?]

[^_^;  *sings*  You're so vain ... you probably think this song is about you ...]

[If you ignore the fact that you look like you're gripping onto my arm for dear life and have a dorky smile, you look rather handsome.]

[Why thank you~ *smiles*]



[Gomen, Sakuchan.]

[She did my hair nice though ...]

[True, true ...
[What was that for?!]

[*shrugs*  I dunno. I felt like it~  Hee hee~]