What is "kiriban"?  For those of you who may not know, it is a common thing found on Japanese CG/ novel/ illustration pages.  ( I learned this from going to many such pages. ^_^ )  It is something where when the page's hit counter reaches a certain number, the person who has gotten that number will take a screen capture of it and then show the website's webmaster it so they can recieve their kiriban image.  And what is this kiriban image?  Well, simply put, it's like a commission but without the paying part- in a way, it's how the webmaster pays the visitors to their site back for their visit.  So, this is something that I will be doing and here is how I will be accepting things for kiriban images:

1)  If you reach the designated number of hits on the counter, make a screen capture ( press the button on your keyboard which says "print screen" or something like that, for those who didn't know this yet ).

2)  Then, you send the screen capture to me: .  Please make sure you put "kiriban image" in the subject line of the e-mail.

3)  I will then work on your submission.  You will get an e-mail back with the image when I complete it.  The image will then be placed in the "illustrations" section of this webpage for display for others to see also.  But, know that you will be the first to see it and it will be your special image.


I will try to fill almost any request.  But, due to my limited art skills, I cannot do any of the following:  anything involving gore ( some blood is okay though).  As for anything that are 18+ sex scenes, if you desire them, I will try to fill that request, but I'm not very good at them so... ^^;  Things I will do are:  almost anything!  I will do yaoi, Kirito dressed like a banana, Jun and Aiji as princesses etc.  So you can basicly request anything you like.

*  I will not be doing kiriban requests for novels because they take much longer to work on.  Sorry about that...