Age: 1093 (But looks to be in his early 20s.)
Birthday: August 4th
Race: Vampire Elf
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 7"
Weight:  N/A
Blood Type: A
Favourite Colour(s):  Purple, black
Distinguishing Features:
- Smaller then average vampire teeth
- Fuzzy-tipped elf ears
- Magical tattoos on face, collar, wrist
- Violet eyes
- Long black hair (stops at stomach)
Hobby(ies): Reading, thinking.
Favourite Flower: Lily.
Favourite Food(s): He has quite a sweet tooth.  He likes just about anything that's got sugar in the mix.  Other than that, chicken is his favourite food.
Family Members:  Father.


     Marcus was born in a secluded elfin village in an old log cabin to a vampire mother (Dalia Fleur) and an elf father (Riff Silvus). He never knew his mother. She had died while in childbirth. So, he was brought up by his father. His father told him all that he knows about his mother and he tried to teach him all he knew about life. He tried to bring up his son to be a strong, loving person. But Marcus, despite this, was emotionally weak and was afraid of any human contact. He would always sit by a stream near his home and watch the small fish. He always liked fish and has always wanted one for a pet. But he's very forgetful and wouldn't be able to remember to feed them even though he would care about them very much. He was also a very angry child. He was never mean to his father, but his bluntness and cruelty made many in his village not want to be his friend. So, he spent most of his childhood doing things with his father. 

     When he came of age, Marcus moved away from his father and the small elfin village he had grown to dislike. So he moved into a small town far away. He stayed in his house and only came out to buy food or basic needs. He didn't interact with any of the people. But he did watch them from his window. He found it interesting to watch the various couples going hand-in-hand. He felt jealous and wished them dead constantly. But he always found the men prettier than the woman were. While in his seclusion, he taught himself magic from books and burnt words of an ancient language onto his wrist so he would only need to think to cast spell instead of memorizing magical phrases. But, soon, the people of the town became suspicious and rumor spread that he was an evil vampire who was going to murder them all. The town's people drove him from his home. 

     So, now, he wanders ...


1] How did Marcus get such small vampire teeth?
He was brought up in an elfin village.  Within his village, the people would fear the presence of a vampire (they were viewed as evil).  So, his father filed down his teeth (which was very painful for the young boy) and, as a result, stunted anything that could be called growth.

2] What type of magic does Marcus have?
He, since a child, has had some minimal healing abilities but the rest of his powers were acquired during a magical ceremony.  He, after this, had quite powerful fire magic but has yet to use it.

3] Why's Marcus have tattoos?
The one of his wrist's explanation can be found in the history section but his other tattoos were the result of his mother's vampire family.  It had been a custom for each male child to receive the same markings as their mother.  Few of the vampire families did this but his family insisted on going through the process.

4] What's Marcus' personality like?
He's very blunt.  If he thinks it, he'll let you know.  And WILL YOU KNOW.  But he's quite naive and unworldly otherwise.  He's always seemed to be by himself or pushed around by anyone else.  So he's gained a fear of closer contact with others.  He dislikes women very much because he holds an anger at his mother.  "Women are so weak."  is a common phrase of his.  But this doesn't mean he totally enjoys men.  "In some ways, men are as weak as women." 

5] How can someone get close to Marcus?
Well now, I can't tell you that now can I?  *giggles*  But what I can say is that if you're lucky enough to be able to break through to him, he's an extremely caring person.  But he wouldn't rush into any relationship.  He wants no relationship with women but he also has a slight distrust for men.  This might be because he might have been molested by his father as a child. 

6] What type of man does Marcus like?
Any type, really.  He just doesn't want somebody who just wants to use him.

7] Okay, last question, seme or uke?
Well, being that he's never been in a relationship that involved more than a kiss on the lips, it's not quite certain what he'd be.  But, most likely, he'd be an uke.