aiji.jpg (40464 bytes)

Aiji grins for the camera.

aiji_die_aiji.jpg (43180 bytes)

Die pimpin two Aijis~ w00t!

aiji_kaoru.jpg (33243 bytes)

Aiji attacking Kaoru... maybe he thinks Kao's a space monster?

die.jpg (36759 bytes)

Die: lonely and angsty.

aya.jpg (35858 bytes)

Aya had to have a picture too~

daishi_kyo.jpg (38419 bytes)

Daishi and Kyo pose.

deg.jpg (51627 bytes)

One of my favourite pictures.  Kaoru, Kyo and Totchi- plus another Kyo poking into the picture.

emiru_machi.jpg (50423 bytes)

Emiru and Machi

fighter.jpg (37253 bytes)

The Seiya is the Man online club will always live in my blood... thus is had to have a picture of Sailor Star Fighter~ aiji_kirito_aiji.jpg (47890 bytes) Kirito macks on two Aijis~
hakuei.jpg (41009 bytes) Hakuei gothic.jpg (55226 bytes) I had no idea who this girl was cosplaying but she was really pretty so I got a picture of her.
die_aiji.jpg (49236 bytes) Oh no!  I think Aiji thinks Die's a space pirate! hide1.jpg (33264 bytes) (Do not click if you're offended easily...) hidechan~
hide.jpg (26701 bytes) hidechan~ hidex3.jpg (52732 bytes) The more hide's, the better~
kaoru_kitty.jpg (43354 bytes) Kaoru's found a stray kitty... kaoru_kyo1.jpg (28391 bytes) Kaoru found Kyo and claimed him as his own...
kaoru_kyo2.jpg (36165 bytes) ... then Kyo wanted to make Kaoru his too~ kirito_kitty.jpg (34349 bytes) Kitty likes Kirito~ nya!
klaha_mana.jpg (39888 bytes) Mana found Klaha in the dealer's room. kirito.jpg (36423 bytes) Kirito
kirito_kyo.jpg (32250 bytes) Kirito wanted to join in the molestation so he found himself a Kyo. kirito_die.jpg (42133 bytes) Oh no!  Die took Aiji's gun and is using it to make poor Kirito beg for mercy...
kyo1.jpg (48408 bytes) Kyo kyo2.jpg (43647 bytes) Kyo again~
kyo.jpg (42597 bytes) Grope-y Kyo sings at karaoke. kyo_die.jpg (50833 bytes) Kyo and Die
kyox2.jpg (42407 bytes) Kyo and... Kyo? O_o kyo_kyo.jpg (53387 bytes) Two Kyos in the karaoke room~
kyox2-2.jpg (39149 bytes) KyoXKyo, baby~ lolitas.jpg (46349 bytes) Two sweet lolitas~
lida_die_totchi.jpg (58890 bytes) Lida (love love for Lida), Die and Totchi. magenta_star.jpg (33374 bytes) Magenta, myself and one of the nice girls we met in the pre-reg line.
machi_dada.jpg (37556 bytes) Machi and Dada kyo_kitty.jpg (40527 bytes) Kyo's found the kitty too~
mana1.jpg (42543 bytes) Mana mana_hide.jpg (37913 bytes) Mana and hidechan
mana.jpg (40790 bytes) Gekka no Mana mana2.jpg (31399 bytes) Saikai Mana
mana_kirito.jpg (38247 bytes) ManaX ... Kirito? nurse_hide_kyo.jpg (43640 bytes) Nursechan and hidechan
nurse.jpg (30530 bytes) Nursechan miyavi.jpg (37241 bytes) Miyavi?
psycho.jpg (52537 bytes) Psycho le Cemu teru1.jpg (44436 bytes) Teru
teru.jpg (31890 bytes) Teru again~ totchi.jpg (34649 bytes) Totchi
teru_kitty.jpg (58012 bytes) Kitty (now named Ayu) with Teru.

Photo (C) Random Hippy Guy